The Runaround (Kinda like a dog chasing its own tail only to end up in the same place… chasing its own tail)

It’s amazing to me sometimes how days and months just seem to tick away and dissolve into nothing more then a mark on the calendar that I never seem to look at.  Great hopes, great intentions… and even not so great ones, just the mundane everyday hopes and intentions fade or get pushed aside and forgotten because of the everyday or because new hopes and intentions immerge.  I know this, it’s life, but I can’t help but feel some regret… What have I been doing all this time?  Was what I was doing important or a waste of time?  Is anything, any place, time, moment spent really wasted?  Am I playing the role of emo philosopher right now… or just being emo?  I don’t know… I guess to put it plainly, at the moment, I’m feeling drained and wishing for the past when I should be living in the present.

Written by jm.chandler

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