Hair stuff, Oh Crap that Hurt!, and Yay! For Belts…

Sometimes it takes me a while to get things done. I have to let some things stew for a while before I actually feel confident enough to get them done. This happens a lot with art projects and the like. The other day while I was cleaning my room I stumbled on some bits of lace, fabric, and flowers that I had wanted to turn into hair accessories. The inspiration coming from a really gorgeous headband I wanted (but didn’t want to spend thirty dollars plus tax and shipping) made of lace and fake poppy flowers on Ruche. So I dug out my sewing box which wasn’t so very hard to dig out since it’s situated neatly under my writing desk, and started mixing all the elements together. I can’t say I’m 100% in love with the results but I’m pleasantly surprised with myself. I learned some things and I may end up trying my hand at it again sometime. This first attempt made me really aware of exactly what I’m looking for so I’m hoping to incorporate it the next go around. And hopefully I’ve also learned a valuable lesson in keeping the attention span where it should be, as I always seem to suffer with my work, whether it’s mentally, emotionally, or physically. In this case, it was physical. I managed to get the blunt end of the sewing needle through my knee which was… to put it lightly, an experience that I don’t ever want to repeat again. How did I ever manage to do such a feat, you ask? Well… to put a short story short, I was sewing on the floor, my room has carpet, I put the needle on the floor next to me to change the song on my mp3 player and to grab something that was on the other side of me, got distracted, and went to reach for something else, and literally had a “Holy BANANAS! That’s where I put the needle,” moment as it went through my skin. I won’t gross you out more by showing pictures (which I did not take) but I will show you some pictures of the hair pieces I made.

I had to try them on even though I was sweaty and gross from cleaning… Please excuse the mess in some of the pictures. I was cleaning and I stopped in the middle of it (I tend to do that) and did worked on the hair pieces before I commenced cleaning again.

I made the flowers and bows on separate little clips so I can use them individually or interchange them between the bits of lace and fabric bands. It’s something I think I will continue to do the next time I make hair accessories because I really like the idea of having options. On a completely other note, my mom surprised me with some belts that she’s had for a long time the other day. She had them out along with some scarves she’s had for forever and I mentioned how I’d like to have one of the scarves one day when she is ready to get rid of them and she told me that I could have the belts since she doesn’t wear them anymore. This completely brightened my day because I love clothes and accessories. I don’t think enough people know the value an accessory like a necklace, belt, or scarf can do to make an outfit more special.

I’ve already worn the first belt with the shirt pictured, some skinny jeans, and worn gold gladiator sandals. I love the fact that the belt speaks for itself and it can really brighten up a solid or plain blouse or dress. I’m anxious to try it with more things. I wore the wheat colored belt today over a white ruffly blouse that I had under a white button down collared shirt. I thought it looked really nice and gave me a blend of sweet little girl and outback traveling kind of look. If you have any ideas design wise for hair accessories or outfit ideas on fully utilizing my new pretties, I would love to here them.

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I like them! They’re really pretty, your hair pretties. (Although I’m with you, it’s hard to work up the umph to spend 30 bucks on a hair accessory, even if it is cute.)

I especially like the second head band (sixth picture, with the white bow.) I can’t think of any good ideas right now to help you out, have to think.

But I do have to say (like I do every time) you’re so pretty.


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