Grumble Grumble… Beautiful Day, and Gimme Yer Tickets!

There is a nice cool breeze coming in (from I have no idea what direction) and I’m sitting outside in dad’s screened in room, laptop in tote just listening to everything… though right now, it’s “Someone Like You,” by Adele since I’m trying to drown out the sound of mom’s incredibly loud voice as she talks on the phone to whoever she’s talking to.  I had been listening to the birds and the sounds of leaves and squirrels as they scampered on top of the roof to the outdoor room.  I’m not big on listening to people’s conversations… especially when some of the topics make me utterly sick to my stomach.  But that’s far more personal a subject than I’m willing to go into on this blog and with just any persons.  I’d probably be hanging out inside but we are all barred from the inside of the house because dad let off some foggers to get rid of unsavory pests.  It is a pretty day out, however, and I’m enjoying the breeze.  There is a but, though.  Isn’t there always a but?  I do wish I could have a few moments of quiet contemplation so I can hear myself think.  Every time mom gets off the phone with one person she pops open her cell phone and dials someone else and it kind of ruins the moment.  I guess I’m the type of person who likes some solitude and I definitely don’t find it necessary to talk to someone 24-7.  In fact, I’d rather be doing something than just sitting down talking, even though, sometimes it is nice to just talk with someone about anything and everything… though I don’t think I could ever tell any one person everything.  The only person who has that privilege is not living, at least not living in the sense of what we usually think of a person who is “living.”  I think you can probably guess who or what I’m alluding to.  In any case, I’ve probably done enough ranting for the moment, because it is such a pretty day and I hate to waste it with even the smallest feeling of “Grrr…”

I am feeling a little sick though, like the inside of my stomach aches (and it’s not because I’m hungry… it’s a different kind of pain).  I think it’s probably from going in and out of the house while dad was spraying it with stuff.  It couldn’t be helped though because we had to get stuff out that we needed before it got fogged. So the house has been both sprayed and fogged and I seriously hope that this is the end of it.

Onward to happiness… which in this instance is a Klondike Oreo bar that I highly recommend for anyone in want of something sweet and cold.

Also in other news, I’m contemplating going back to school, which has me trying to brush up on my math.  I haven’t had a math class in a long time and it was never my best subject.  I’m kind of flirting with the idea of studying nursing.  First I wanted to try dental hygiene but dad had a talk with his dentist friend who said times are really hard for people looking for work in the dental industry and suggested I take the nursing route. *le sigh*  The thought of nursing has always scared me. I had thought I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger but I can’t stand the thought that an animal (or even a person) would be lost under my watch.  I know that kind of thing is inevitable but it still scares me.  What also scares me a littles, I’m squirmy around blood and needles.  I asked one of my best friends (who is a nurse) if I’d get over it and she said that the blood part I’d get over.  It’s the nasty, cranky, people that I have to worry about.  LOL! And I can imagine it, I really can because people can be well… people (to put it very mildly).  Some people get mad and throw hissy fits when they have to wait in line for a long time, I can imagine people getting very vicious when they’re hurting and having to stay in the hospital.  It’s one reason that I always try to be patient and friendly to people even if they aren’t that way towards me (granted there are times when I’ve had it and I feel like giving them a taste of their own medicine… but the thing is you never know what someone is going through and why they are acting the way they are).  I’ve got plenty of time to think and stress about it though because there is a wait list to get accepted into the medical program and maybe by then I’ll have acquired something in the field I’ve already studied for (wouldn’t that be awesome?!).

I know I promised pictures of the dresses my sister gave me in my last blog post but with the pest problem we’ve been having I haven’t had the time or the urge to sit in my room and play dress up (which yes I had intended to do because it’s so much fun mixing and matching outfits… At least it is to me).  So that promissory blog post is still in the works.  I fully intend to make like I’m a little girl again except with cooler stuff… makeup… hair… the works.

Finally, I can’t believe it’s May… Mid-May (almost).  Can someone please walk over to father time’s place and get him to turn the clock a smidgen backwards so I can have my youth (at least for a few days more)… better yet I’d like a ticket to Peter Pan’s Never Never Land.  Alas, I’m probably too old for that but it wouldn’t stop me from trying. A little wish and some pixie dust, my friends. Wooshhh!!! Here I go.

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