Exhausted and Findings

My sister and I have been cleaning for almost two days straight and at least on my part, I’m no where near done.  We’re boxing and moving anything we can into the garage so we can powder the rugs and fog the house one more time, just to make sure we get rid of these pests once and for all.  I’m exhausted.  Yesterday I cleaned from the time I got up until around two in the morning.  I probably would have kept on going but my body was telling me enough.  I took it a little easier today, but tomorrow, I’m going at it again at full speed, if at all possible.  I did run across a few things while cleaning yesterday, my paella recipe, some old letters and pictures, and some old writing and drawings.  I think my recipe collection is large enough now that is warrants a bookshelf of it’s own so I’m on the hunt for a slim bookshelf to put beside my computer desk so I can stack my food and wine magazines, my old recipe binder, and the handful of cookbooks I’ve acquired over the years.  I never thought I’d enjoy cooking as much as I do now.  On a really happy note, I have a new monitor! It’s amazing! I can see black shading now on my desktop.  Thank you so much to my sister’s friend, Jake for this wonderful surprise.  He was helping my sister clean today, and as they went to go load some stuff up to donate to a local thrift shop he asked me if I wanted his monitor that someone had given to him because it was apparently broken.  He fiddled with a few wires inside and it worked and I had thought he was going to use it for an old computer of his, but he offered it to me, which caught me by surprise.  I’m stoked.  I’ve been enjoying it, even if I’ve only really had itunes running on my computer today (I like music when I clean… Heck! If I could have music in most all aspects in my life, it would be there).

But I thought, being the nerd I am, I’d share some of the writing I found, which is mostly poems.


By: Juleah M. Chandler

She was only some dumb chick
That walked through the halls
She was only some dumb chick
That held her head down in pain
So much t offer, yet so misunderstood
Poor little girl… Just a poor little girl
Quiet never poke a word but if she did,
Who would care?
Who would listen?
Making friends is just too hard…
First impressions always lasting
A second chance never given
Nor either a first
For that poor misunderstood little girl
In such a big and fake world
The only real there is to see
The eyes of that girl
Not corrupted but yet corrupted
Never understood, always MISUNDERSTOOD
Little Girl…

Copyright © Juleah Marie Chandler

The Girl in the Black Cloak
Juleah M. Chandler

Stony black sadness
Crying in all her madness
Tears falling
No hearts calling
Alone is all she knows
A grief stricken pose
No heads held high
Eyes never meeting the sky
To be sad
Never is she glad
The poor little girl
Her beauty is her only pearl
Too beautiful to even love
So delicate like a dove
Her only God-given gift
Does nothing to uplift
That poor little angel lady
Holds her head down like a little baby

Copyright © Juleah Marie Chandler

With Playful Eyes and Dancing Shoes (Perfect Bliss)
By: Juleah M. Chandler

The sounds of laughter fill the air
And little people stir
They have wings that depict the skies outside
And how they feel inside
With playful eyes and dancing shoes
The fairies play outside
Their clothes are made of rainbow leaves
Their skin a perfect silk
So beautiful in every way
They bring joy where ever they wish
They dance upon the forest floor
And sing a merry tune
Perfect bliss fills the air
When they are near
Moon, stars, sun, and sky
I hope the fairies never die
For with playful eyes and dancing shoes
The fairies play outside
With wink and fairy dust
Perfect Bliss fills our lives

Copyright © Juleah Marie Chandler

Written by jm.chandler

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