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Waiting for my sister to get ready… It seems like I spend most of my time waiting for one thing or another, whether it’s for a person or for some kind of live changing event to occur.  In this case, it’s go get my hair cut, maybe… and to hopefully make a stop at UWF and PSC to see about registering.  I already applied for readmission at UWF but I’m having issues logging into lighthouse, that and I’m not really sure what I’m doing back there.  Everyone is so ready for me to let go of my dream at home, but I’m not quite ready yet.  I know when one door closes that another one is supposed to open but either I’m lacking the faith or I just don’t want the door to close yet.  I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to stuff I want and I want this, I’ve worked my butt off for it, immersing myself in art since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and immersing myself in graphics since I could hold a mouse. Okay, granted, the graphics were random doodles made in Microsoft Paint and sucked harder than a vacuum, but we don’t really have to relive those moments in time, do we?

I still haven’t gotten to that promissory blog post and I’m sorry if I never do. HAHA! I’d like to get all fashionista on you, but I’ve been really hating how my attempts of getting pictures taken are turning out and as daddy always said, if you’re going to half-*bleep* something, then you might as well not do it at all… In other words, don’t half-*bleep* something, go all in… Which I guess, is one of those itchy reasons, why I’m so unsure about going back to school.  I don’t want to study something that I’m not sure about because I live a good chunk of my life trying to please people… I’m a “pleaser” I can’t help it, I want to please people and yes I get really annoyed with myself if I can’t, even if, I know that I can’t please everyone and I shouldn’t even try because it’s a fruitless and thankless task.  So in summary, I’m not sure if I want to go back to school because I want to, or because I want to please the folks.  Pros: More school can’t hurt and it gives me options.  Options, which I desperately need, because let’s be honest, this economy sucks like Grease 2, which I have the displeasure of catching every so often on ABC Family.  Every time I see it on TV, I die just a little, and not in a good way, especially when I had the misfortune of catching the luau scene (the PAIN!).

Enough about that though, because my old and very dusty blog on xanga was so emo, which I laugh at now, because I can, I’d like to keep as little of my personal angst off this one.  Hair… yes hair! Mine has gotten pretty long, my fault entirely because some time ago I was looking at random pictures of my family and I on the computer and nostalgia kicked in, thus prompting me to want to grow my hair out, and I did.  Let me tell you, it sucks, though I suppose when I finally commit and chop the sucker off, I’ll be going through the same motions.  Humans are fickle folk, especially artists, I’ve noticed.  Fickle, fickle, fickle.  I can’t stress that enough, because most of my friends don’t get why I’m so fluttery.  I love projects, writing projects, pixel projects, drawing projects, web design projects, and I flutter from project to project like a zombie on steroids.  I say zombie because when I get started on a project sleep is pretty much an afterthought, as is food.  “Huh? It’s midnight already and all I’ve had to eat all day is a chocolate fudge poptart?  Really?”  or “Huh? It’s already three in the morning?  But I have to get this coded… must get it coded… @_@.”  Sanity, does eventually kick in but it comes with a battle of tug-a-war with my brain both wanting to keep pace and my body telling me it wants to quit already.  That’s either insanity or passion on my part.  I have to think that it’s a little bit of both.  But I digress (like I tend to do on these blog posts), because I was talking about hair and the chop-chop.  I’ve been thinking about something like this really gorgeous short-do on Diana Argon, which you can find by googling “Diana Argon short hair,” or in my case I was googling something like, “short choppy layered hairstyles,” or whatever it was that I typed into the search bar.  I may go a little longer though since my hair curls and waves a little (What’s up with that? Seriously? Because I went from wavy hair when I was a toddler, to straight hair with very little wave as a child/tween, then finally to wavy hair with some curls after I graduated high school… and I did nothing, absolutely nothing to my hair, except for the normal hair cut here and there).

Okay, that was really long and much more than I had intended on writing, because I just wanted the few people who read my blog to know that I’m still alive, which they already know because I talk to them almost on a day to day basis.  On a side note, my mom just got back from the Philippines, which and brought home a whole bunch of goodies, which I’ve been pigging out on because you can’t get them here in the states, and if you can, they’re not as good. I’d like to have gone with her, just for a taste of fresh pandasal and banana-q.

P.S. If anyone can think of how to make the clothes and hair machine on The Jetson’s come to working fruition, that would be so awesome.  I’m a patient person, really I am… but I got my sister up because she wanted to get stuff done today at 11:30 and it’s not 1:44 PM.

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