You have some how stumbled upon the wonders or the terrors of my about page. Since you are here, I invite you to venture forth if you are so inclined.

As most things go, I suppose, I should start with an introduction. My name is Juleah but I’m more commonly known in the pixel art community as Tropicallili or Leahlili. I was born on May 30, 1985 in Angeles City, Philippines and as far as ethnicity goes, I’m a mixed pot. For the most part however, I’m Filipino and Caucasian. My father was in the Air force and my mother worked as a teller in a bank in the Philippines and well, as they say, the rest is history! I’m the youngest in my family and have two sisters and two brothers, all of whom I care and love very much. As far as I can remember, I’ve always been interested and fascinated by art.

When I was younger my mother used to draw me basic figures that I would doodle on and dress up. I think it is one of the factors that really drove me into pursuing my hobby and hopefully, my career in art. In May of 2010, I graduated with my Bachelors of Art in Studio Art with a Specialization on Digital Media. A lot of people for some reason when they think of the word Media immediately think of the news or something similar, so just to clarify, Digital Media is another term to describe digital based art. I’d love to continue my education but currently, I’m taking a break from school to earn some money and establish myself in a working environment.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to pixel art, however, that I really developed a passion for working in the digital realm. Until that moment, it was just a fleeting fancy, something I had thought about but never really imagined I’d be able to accomplish. As an artist, I still have so much to learn and grow from. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge base and hone the skills that I’ve acquired through years of constant, sweat, blood, tears, and insanity… more commonly known as patience and practice (though I admit, at times I lack(ed) the former).

My Other Sites: Pixel Art | Traditional/Digital Art | Portfolio

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